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Saturday Science Experiments

During recent Saturday sessions, current Marist students, including Reach for Excellence graduates, met with our 8th grade scholars for some hands-on science experiments. Under the guidance of our wonderful teacher, Mr. Christopher Michaud, students learned about combustion, candle-making, static electricity, and more.

Reach for Excellence Executive Director noted, “Reach 8th grade students were so excited to be able to make candles and learn about the science behind candle-making. I love to witness the impact of students teaching students. Reach 8th grade scholars were so curious to learn from upper classmen. That was special to watch”.

Activities such as these serve several purposes. It is not just about science experiments, although learning new science concepts is certainly important. It is also about having the middle school scholars seeing and connecting with academically focused  high school students. And for the high schoolers, they learn the importance of giving back. It’s a win all around!