Reach for Excellence receives funding for new Reach Hispanic Initiative

We are pleased to share that Reach for Excellence has received a sizable grant to fund a new initiative to improve college matriculation rates among Latino scholars as well as specific aspects of other Reach programs.

The grant takes a three-pronged approach to supporting Reach for Excellence for current and future needs. In addition to funding the Reach Hispanic Initiative for the next three years, the grant also provides funding for an additional passenger bus needed to transport students. In addition, the grant will provide funds for the existing Reach for Excellence Endowment. An extra grant will establish a separate, donor-designated endowment to serve as a permanently restricted asset.

The awarding of this generous grant coincides with the retirement of Gigi Meyers, who served as director of development of Reach for Excellence for the last 13 years.

Gigi, along with Executive Director Karen Dessables, the Reach Board of Directors, and its students and families, are extremely grateful to The Goizueta Foundation for the generous grant that will ensure the program can fulfill its mission of offering opportunity through education to Atlanta’s underserved youth.