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Reach For Excellence Announces Tim Cambias Memorial Scholarship Winners

Reach for Excellence recently announced the winners of this year’s Tim Cambias Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors who have excelled in scholarship, service, and the commitment to earning a post high school degree. Students apply for the honor, and the recipients are selected by a committee comprised of Reach for Excellence leadership and members of the Cambias family. Tim Cambias was one of the founding board members and strongest supporters of Reach for Excellence, and this scholarship was founded to honor his legacy.

Four students from Reach Cohort 2020 R were selected this year including Papa Mensah, Wesleyan ’24, who is headed to MIT; Musse Woldu, Marist ’24, headed to Princeton University; Lulya Afeworki, Marist ’24, headed to Kennesaw State University; and Muskan Uddin, Marist ’24, headed to Boston University. This exceptional group of students will receive this scholarship to help offset the cost of college expenses.

One of these scholars shared in their application, “Reach for me was more than just a summer program and Saturday sessions. Reach for me was a community, a place I discovered my passions, grew an appreciation for my talents and was encouraged to use them to better my family situation and the community around me.” Another noted, “At Reach for Excellence, I met kids who had a similar socioeconomic situation as me. Though this isn’t the primary purpose of the program, being in an environment where I didn’t feel out of place aided my learning experience and made me feel more comfortable…Reach for Excellence helped build me into the curious, confident and ambitious person I am today through the opportunities and people it exposed me to while I attended the program.”

We are so proud of these scholars and cannot wait to see what they accomplish in this next chapter!