What We Offer

Reach for Excellence offers students of limited income a mix of academic, cultural, and community-based experiences that prepares them for the challenges of college-preparatory programs and high schools.

Reach for Excellence students learn from adults who are caring mentors and they are surrounded by friends who share their desire to succeed. Reach for Excellence students attend middle schools throughout the Metro Atlanta area. The program requires hard work, commitment, and discipline. Students are ready to commit to three years of rigorous academics and leadership training, and they demonstrate the potential to achieve academically and the determination to succeed in life.


The Reach for Excellence curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in several core areas: language arts, mathematics, and social studies. Reach exposes students to concepts, ideas, and models of thinking that prepare them for challenging college-preparatory programs and high schools. The program encourages interdisciplinary projects and activities.

Mathematics - Reach for Excellence Curriculum


Reach for Excellence teachers use placement tests to evaluate the level of each student’s mathematical ability. The goal of the Reach for Excellence mathematics program is to help its students to become proficient first in algebra, then in geometry.

Language Arts - Reach for Excellence Curriculum

Language Arts

The Reach for Excellence language arts program is designed to build three essential skills: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. The language arts program includes a required book club whose reading list is similar to those used in college prep high schools.

Social Studies - Reach for Excellence Curriculum

Social Studies

The Reach for Excellence social studies program, like language arts, is designed to improve students’ skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills, while focusing on world and current events. The Reach for Excellence social studies program also integrates current events into classroom work.

Social Studies - Reach for Excellence Curriculum

Computer Science

The Reach for Excellence computer science program provides 18 weeks of instruction over three six-week summer sessions. The goal is that all Reach students have 90 hours of computing and engineering instruction when they graduate. Students learn how to program using Python and Java. Students may also take a summer robotics elective. When a Reach for Excellence graduate sits down in a high school computing or engineering class, they have the experience, knowledge, and confidence that equals or exceeds that of their peers.

Test Prep at Reach for Excellence in Atlanta, GA

Test Prep

Reach for Excellence uses various assessment tools to measure student progress. Among those tools is the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), the admission exam required by most independent schools. Teachers devote one hour of each Saturday session to preparing students for the SSAT.

Supplemental Learning - Reach for Excellence Curriculum

Supplemental Learning

To deepen the students’ intellectual curiosity beyond traditional academic subjects, Reach for Excellence offers electives in the areas of visual arts, performing arts, etiquette, physical fitness, and business. During summer sessions, off-campus field experiences complement and enhance core and elective coursework.

Supplemental Learning - Reach for Excellence Curriculum

High School Choice Workshop

Reach for Excellence works with students and their families to determine the best options for high school and then provides support through the application process. Each student will have a High School Choice class and families will have dedicated out-of-class time to review high school options. Reach will provide extensive admission education, financial aid counseling, and exam prep, as well as cover fees for two SSAT tests. Each year, Reach hosts a high school fair with representatives from over ten high schools across the Atlanta area as well as boarding schools. Reach will conduct mock interviews with students to help prepare them for admissions interviews. At the end of the process, Reach for Excellence conducts a retreat for families and students to help make the final decision.