Davonté Simmons

What is your favorite Reach for Excellence memory from this Summer?

My favorite reach for excellence memory from this Summer is completing two novels during our Book Club. The young men and I both were excited and proud to complete two thought-provoking novels during our time together.

What do you teach?

I teach 5th grade, all subjects, including Bible curriculum.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Benedict College, an HBCU in South Carolina, for undergraduate studies and the University of Kansas to obtain my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.

How would you describe yourself in middle school?

In middle school, I was a steadfast scholar who was hungry for a challenge. I left my local community for boarding school during middle school in search for this challenge and rigor.

What was your favorite book, music, or movie when you were in middle school?

In middle school, I enjoyed reading several varying genres. From titles like Harry Potter to the Count of Monte Cristo and even A Walk To Remember, I enjoyed reading these novels first and then watching the movies later.

Why did you choose to teach with Reach for Excellence?

I chose to teach with Reach for Excellence because it offers me an opportunity as a teacher and student. I am able to practice, perfect my craft, and pour into diverse young minds.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy…

A brief synopsis of my teaching philosophy is that learning never stops, and neither does teaching. I believe that all students deserve a fostering education, and as teachers, I believe that we are those promoters and molders. I believe we should treat our students’ minds as we treat newborns and infants delicately while they yearn to explore as they trust our guidance.

What is your favorite aspect of teaching Middle School students?

My favorite aspect of teaching middle school students is that they have the ability to acknowledge, accept, and have success in challenges.