Christopher Lembo

How long have you taught with Reach for Excellence?

I have taught with Reach since this past October.

What do you teach?

I teach 8th grade Algebra.

Where did you go to school?

I attended Servite High School in southern California, and then the University of Notre Dame for my undergraduate studies.

How would you describe yourself in middle school?

In middle school, I was timid and lacked confidence, but I loved to read and play sports.

What was your favorite book, music, or movie when you were in middle school?

My favorite books in middle school were the Hunger Games trilogy!

Why did you choose to teach with Reach for Excellence?

I chose to teach with Reach for Excellence to get more teaching experience, and to teach higher-level math to high-achieving students.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy…

I believe it is first important to teach my students virtues of kindness, humility, and compassion, and all else will follow academically, socially, and spiritually.

What is your favorite aspect of teaching Middle School students?

I love teaching Middle Schoolers for the stories. All of my students are full of personality and they all have kind hearts, which makes for some really amazing stories from them.

What is your favorite Reach for Excellence memory?

My favorite Reach memories are from the beginning of each class, when we spend 5 minutes talking about our weeks and recounting funny stories from school.