Andrew Quinn

How long have you taught with Reach for Excellence? 

Since Cohort A so 2004

What do you teach?

Social Studies

Where did you go to school?

Loyola Marymount, University Of New Orleans

How would you describe yourself in middle school?

athletic, kind of a cut up

What was your favorite book, music, or movie when you were in middle school?

I liked ” Call of the Wild”

Why did you choose to teach with Reach for Excellence?

There was a presentation when I taught at Avondale Middle in Dekalb. I needed a summer job and it sounded cool

Tell us about your teaching philosophy…

I want learning to be interactive and engaging. I don’t believe in making things unnecessarily

What is your favorite aspect of teaching Middle School students?

Seeing kids succeed, improve and get along with each other

What is your favorite Reach for Excellence memory?

The Mr. Hart field trips and Mr. Dominguez driving skills