These two websites might help.

Visit College Greenlight and RaiseMe to find the school or scholarship that’s right for you.

  • connects first generation and underrepresented students to caring colleges, generous scholarships, and life-changing counselors and mentors.

  • helps students find their perfect match by looking at distance, institution type, living environment, school size, and other factors.

  • has more than $11 billion in scholarships and students can see exactly which scholarships fit their needs.

  • has many resources that take the stress out of college searches!


By completing a RaiseMe portfolio of course grades, club involvement, sports, volunteer activities, and more, high school students from 9th to 12th grade can earn micro-scholarships for college. Students learn about colleges, see micro-scholarships that the college offers, and follow the college if interested. For each achievement, students earn micro-scholarships from colleges that they are following. Micro-scholarships are awarded when the student attends that particular school.

Total earnings previewed in RaiseMe are a minimum guarantee of the financial award that the student will receive from a 4-year institution if the student applies and is accepted.

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