1. Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Reach for Excellence, students must meet the following criteria.

  • Be in the 5th grade
  • Commit to three years of rigorous academics and leadership enrichment
  • Demonstrate the potential to achieve academically and the determination to succeed in life
  • Have parents or guardians who earn a total yearly income of less than $50,000

2. How to Apply

Our application process includes the following steps.

  • Contact Reach for Excellence for an application or download one here.
  • Request recommendations from a language arts teacher and a math teacher. Teachers may submit an online teacher recommendation form or you may provide them a copy of the form available in the application.
  • Submit the completed application to Reach for Excellence.
  • Eligible candidates will be contacted for a personal interview.
  • Students who are accepted into the Reach for Excellence program will be notified by mail.
Completed Application Checklist

The New Deadline to submit applications for the 2020 Fall Program is October 5, 2020!

3. Completed Application Checklist

  1. Student Data has been mailed to the Reach for Excellence Office or submitted online.
  2. Family Data has been mailed to Reach for Excellence or submitted online.
  3. Student Essay has been mailed to Reach for Excellence.
  4. Family Commitment Agreement has been mailed to Reach for Excellence.
  5. Parent or Guardian Questionnaire has been mailed to Reach for Excellence or submitted online.
  6. Financial Information Form with a copy of Federal Income Tax Return (1040) pages 1 and 2 has been mailed to Reach for Excellence.
  7. Teacher Recommendation Form (double sided) has been provided to a Language Arts Teacher and a Math Teacher or has been completed online. The Additional Teacher Recommendation Form (double sided) has been provided to an additional teacher (if the Language Arts/Math teacher is the same person) or has been completed online online.
  8. Student Records Release Statement partially filled out by you, the remainder is completed by a school staff member, then sent in an official school envelope by a school staff member to Reach for Excellence.
Download Student Application
Student & Family Data Form

Apply to Teach at Reach for Excellence

Reach for Excellence is always looking for certified teachers who want to put their skills to work helping determined young learners create a better future.

Benefits to teachers:

  • Students: young people who enroll in Reach for Excellence are dedicated and eager to learn
  • Facilities: Reach for Excellence uses Marist School classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, and athletic facilities
  • Environment: Reach for Excellence encourages interdisciplinary work and creativity in the classroom
  • Compensation: Reach for Excellence offers competitive pay and respect for professionalism

For more information, please send a resume with cover letter to Executive Director Karen Dessables at dessablk@reachforexcellence.org.

“Teaching in the Reach for Excellence program not only provides the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of deserving young people, but also is a rewarding teaching experience in a supportive environment.”

Felicia Bradley, former Reach for Excellence Teacher