Sean Allen, Cohort 2013 K

Sean Allen, Cohort 2013 K, attended Westlake Math & Science Magnet High School graduating in 2017. He is now at Georgia State University as a member of the Class of 2021. Sean is a Finance Major at GSU’s Robinson College of Business Administration and was recently named to the Summer 2020 President’s List. 

“I always reflect back on my experience as a REACH scholar and how that changed my outlook on learning and achievement. I remember [Mrs. Dessables] asking me about my future educational plans and to be honest as an 11 year old I had not thought about my future educational goals before that first conversation. At Reach also was pretty much the first time I interfaced with students from diverse backgrounds. The perspectives gained as a Reach scholar really helped prepare me to not only be successful in high school but also visibly here at GSU. In many of my classes, being able to collaborate successfully with others from various backgrounds can mean the difference between success and failure in completing group projects.

Once again, thanks for all that you do and the opportunity afforded me 10 years ago.”

Best Regards,

Sean Allen