From student to supporter

“Growing up, my parents worked hard to provide for the family, but we still had many hardships. My parents immigrated from Mexico and made their way here to Atlanta. I was raised in Atlanta and still call it home. During middle school, Reach for Excellence taught me skills that I carried with me as I went through high school and college. Reach showed me the importance of enriching your education, becoming a leader, and never giving up on your goals.

Using those skills, I graduated high school from Marist School and later graduated from Saint Leo University with a Math and Accounting bachelor’s degree. I currently work at Yardi Systems, an accounting property management software company, as a Business Consultant. Without the guidance and push that Reach gave me to succeed, I would not be where I am today. I am now on the RFE Advisory Council for the program and love to help where I can.

Last year I nominated the program for Yardi Systems Nonprofit Donation program and was able to make a $10,000 donation. The program could not continue without the support of its donors. It’s people like you who make this program successful. I am encouraging you to help support the Reach for Excellence program by making a donation.

Your donations help underprivileged kids get the necessary encouragement and support for bettering their education and creating more success stories.”

Wollinsky Mendez, Reach for Excellence Cohort C 2005