Math and Reading Scores Decline Nationwide

The Nation’s Report Card, or results from the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress, shows that fourth and eighth-graders math and reading scores have declined since 2019 across most states.

“The results show the profound toll on student learning during the pandemic, as the size and scope of the declines are the largest ever in mathematics,” said NCES Commissioner Peggy G. Carr.

No state or large urban district showed improvements in math. Disturbingly, eighth-grade math scores have declined in all states.

“Eighth grade is a pivotal moment in students’ mathematics education, as they develop key mathematics skills for further learning and potential careers in mathematics and science,” said Daniel J. McGrath, acting as NCES associate commissioner for assessment. “If left unaddressed, this could alter the trajectories and life opportunities of a whole cohort of young people, potentially reducing their abilities to pursue rewarding and productive careers in mathematics, science, and technology.”

The study also revealed that students who scored above average in math and reading had access to key educational resources, including consistent real-time video lessons with a teacher.

Reach for Excellence’s students, teachers, and supporters displayed remarkable resilience and effectiveness during the pandemic. We adapted to continue providing services to our students through safe in-person instruction and live-synchronous video lessons with teachers and classmates.

“Despite the countless obstacles that students faced over the course of the pandemic—including instability at home, decreased access to resources, teacher shortages, cyberbullying —we also see pockets of remarkable resilience across the country, particularly in the country’s urban districts,” said Commissioner Carr. “But academic recovery cannot simply be about returning to what was ‘normal’ before the pandemic, as the pandemic laid bare an ‘opportunity gap’ that has long existed. We do not have a moment to waste.”

Researchers at Georgia State University have recommended quality out-of-school academic programs like Reach for Excellence to get students back on track. Our newest cohort is now in 6th grade but began 4th grade in the Fall of 2020. Your donations will provide the instruction they need to rise above these statistics by 8th grade.

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