Do you know a fifth grader who

  1. Is always striving to be a leader?
  2. Is a positive influence among his/her peers?
  3. Is motivated to succeed in the classroom and beyond?
  4. Works well with other students and is a team player?
  5. Appreciates and respects the diversity that exists in Metro Atlanta?
  6. Does this student have limited opportunities to develop and sharpen academic and leadership skills due to economic constraints?

If you answered yes to all these questions, you have described the perfect candidate for Reach for Excellence.

There are several ways that students and their families can receive an application to Reach for Excellence. Simply ask the student’s parent or guardian to contact us.  We accept application requests by phone (770) 936-6481 or email

The administration of Reach for Excellence encourages all teachers to share information with eligible students about opportunities that the program provides.