Reach For Excellence Named Morris, Manning, and Martin’s 2015 MMMPACT Community Service Partner

Reach for Excellence  has been named as the 2015 MMMPACT partner by the law firm of Morris, Manning and Martin, LLP.  Each year MM&M chooses one lucky non-profit in Atlanta and offers both financial and volunteer support.  We are very honored to have been named as this year’s MMMPACT recipient, and we are proud to partner with Morris, Manning, and Martin in a joint effort to make a difference in the lives of deserving students.

Reach for Excellence moves to expanded location!

After a very successful capital campaign, Reach for Excellence began construction to renovate a vacated space on the Marist School campus.  After 14 years of operating out of a one room office, the new RFE space includes two offices, a lobby, conference room, storage area, and designated Reach for Excellence entrance. The new space will allow for a better system of organization and efficiency as we continue to meed the growing needs of Atlanta’s under-served middle school population.

Reach for Excellence Stock Account

Reach for Excellence has a stock account managed by Merrill Lynch.  An individual who owns marketable securities that have a long term gain and wishes to gift them to Reach for Excellence, may be able to take the full fair market value of the security as a charitable deduction on his or her income tax return and avoid the capital gains tax. For more information on how to donate stock, contact Gigi Meyers at 770-936-6489 or